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my two cents

so, yeah, when i first saw this show, i had known a bit about andy, so i decided to check out the show. i first watched it and thought "oh, man, how stupid is this show?"

but then i got to thinking. holy crap, this is some great stuff here. how bold and creative is this guy? sure, it's a tad off the wall, but i really love random stuff and his material totally sparks the word "random" to life and makes it jump in the air. i must also be honest that at first, i was put off since he was first recognized on a big level for "the superbowl is gay" because for quite a while, i hated people using that word as a negative adjective ('cause yeah, i'm a very not hetero girl) but then i read his usa today interview and i realized he's not a homophobe. i will also begrudgingly accept that people for a good period of time will use that word in that manner just because it's casual and not just to victimize gays.

oh geez, did i mention i completely overanalyze everything? oh well. i guess the point i am coming to is that after i opened up my mind and just let myself enjoy it without creating personal boundaries, i laughed harder than i ever had in my life. the show is very cool and i am now a fan of andy and his material.

oh, and by the way, i'm amanda, 18. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

"i have no soul. HAVE A NICE DAY!" "...neither do i."
"terminal illness, terminal shmillness!"
"i don't want to go into business with you. you're a pain in my daparundor...bitch." poor freakin' old woman *snickers*
"give me a bleeker blocker" *annoying honking noise"
"you're a fat murderer." "shut up!!!!!"
"fruity monster, fruity fruity monster!"
"and soup, and soup, and soup. boy, that's alot of soup!"
*plays pattycake with himself*
"i'm the bitch marquee"
"oh, well, i don't have $35...i got some potato chips and beef jerky!"
*raps at pigeon*
"take a break, yo! 333, 666!!!"
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