Another Girl, Another Planet.. (mental_mascara) wrote in iloveandy,
Another Girl, Another Planet..

A wierd blog entry on Andy Milonakis...

I found an artical that concerned me. I'm sure it's just a rumor, but hey, I thought I'd still share it with you all.

I'm not sure what I think about this, what do you all think?

Oh and also, I found this really sweet videoblog that had TONS of Andy's videos including "I Was Never President", "Sometimes Best Friends Fuck", "Sometimes Best Friends Fuck pt. 2", and "Sushi Got Wheels", just to name a few. For whatever reason, this videoblog was shut down. I found that dissapointing because the videos were so halarious. Does anyone know of a site that has rare Andy videos or does anyone have any that they could send to me? Just wondering. Thanks in advanced.

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